About Us

About Us

Ferus is an innovative, solutions-based group of companies. We produce liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), liquid nitrogen (N2), LNG and CNG and provide operational and logistical expertise to numerous industries, including oil and gas, mining, transportation and distributed power.

Our people work with an uncommon passion for making things better in all the industries we serve. This includes providing our customers with superior fluids to enhance oil recovery and cleaner-burning fuel solutions that increase their competitiveness and reduce costs.

Ferus Inc. (Canada) and Ferus LP (U.S.) specialize in delivering integrated solutions to the energy industry for well stimulation, well completions and enhanced oil recovery. Our product lines include liquid CO2, liquid N2 and sand along with the logistical services to deliver our products where needed, when needed. On-site services ensure products are used efficiently for the best possible outcome.  In the U.S. we are capturing and treating natural gas from remote oil and gas production facilities that would otherwise be flared and delivering it as a fuel to a variety of applications.

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (NGF) Inc. (Canada)/Ferus NGF LP (U.S.) provide end-to-end LNG and CNG fueling services, including liquefaction, compression, transportation, storage and pressure optimization to customers in all high horsepower and clean power industries.

In the United States, Ferus NGF LP is partnered with GE Ventures in The Last Mile™ Fueling Solution, a fully-integrated natural gas fueling system for oil and gas and other high horsepower operations, often using gas that would otherwise be flared.

Eagle LNG

Eagle LNG Partners (Eagle LNG) isa wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP and privately-held by The Energy & Minerals Group. Eagle LNG Partners is building LNG infrastructure across the United States to supply clean-burning, competitively-priced fuel for the marine, remote power, rail, oil and gas, and trucking industries. Eagle LNG Partners is based in Houston, TX.


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