Ferus started as a cryogenics well site solutions company focused on helping our customers increase production, decrease costs, and decrease their environmental footprint by using CO2 and N2 in their completions operations. While we are still focused on the oil and gas industry providing supply chain solutions for well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery, we are now also on the forefront of an energy revolution in North America bringing the economic and environmental benefits of LNG and CNG to multiple industries and partnering with world-leading technology experts to develop fueling solutions for our customers.

Building the business

Ferus has seen rapid growth since our humble beginnings in 2001 when a dedicated group of entrepreneurs looked to rapidly emerging plays in the oil and gas industry – coal bed methane, enhanced recovery and huge resource plays – and identified the need for cryogenic products. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, we responded to the rising demand for liquefied CO2, N2 and supply chain logistics in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Along the way, that deep understanding of our customers’ needs led us to expand our business into the United States with state-of-the-art liquid N2 facilities in eastern Kentucky and CO2 facilities in the U.S. Rockies region.

Capturing LNG/CNG markets

That same entrepreneurial foresight led to a strategic drive to expand our business from being a simple liquid nitrogen and CO2 supplier into the North American LNG and CNG markets. The timing was right; development of unconventional natural gas resources, such as shale plays, has created abundant supply and an ideal environment for high-horsepower industries to transition to LNG or CNG. The benefits are obvious: security of supply and a safer, cleaner-burning and less expensive fuel than diesel.

We are continuing our customer-centric focus, providing transitioning solutions along with end-to-end LNG and CNG fueling services. This includes liquefaction with the recent start-up of our Elmworth, Alberta LNG facility – the first and largest merchant LNG plant in Canada – along with compression, transportation, storage and delivery.

More recently, we expanded our operations by partnering with other industry leaders, such as GE Ventures and ENN Canada, to bring our customers advanced technology and innovative supply-chain logistics. Through two entities – Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP – our customer base is growing to encompass oil and gas, trucking, mining, rail, marine and remote power generation markets.

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