Our Partnerships

Sometimes finding a better way to increase the competitiveness of our customers means partnering with world-leading technology experts. By partnering with industry leaders that are people, performance and solutions-oriented, our customers have access to:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Reliable, dedicated product supply
  • Expertise, know-how and experience
  • World-class field support
  • Financing to convert to natural gas

GE Ventures, LLC

  • The Last Mile™ Fueling Solution (Last Mile), an innovative joint venture between Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP and GE Ventures, LLC is a fully-integrated technology and logistics system designed to make CNG fueling available for high horsepower operations.


  • By bringing together GE’s natural gas fueling technologies and Ferus’ operations and logistics expertise, Last Mile involves taking previously uneconomic natural gas directly from a flare stack, oilfield production site or remote pipeline, compressing it and delivering the gas the final distance or the “Last Mile.”  This creates a clean, cost-effective alternative fuel source and helps companies meet flare gas reduction standards.
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