Ferus acknowledges that the world’s natural resources are finite and inherently precious. They are vital for future generations. That is why we are committed to responsible clean energy development and consumption. That commitment is evident in the business we conduct every day – providing innovative and economical solutions to the complex and demanding issues around energy.

Flare gas capture – oil and gas

The burning of natural gas that cannot be processed or sold is an issue for exploration and production companies. Ferus’ solution is to capture this natural gas stream, clean it up and make it available for such operations as drilling or fracturing in place of diesel. The oil and gas industry benefits from significantly lower emissions and monetizing a commodity that would otherwise be burned off into the atmosphere.

The solution starts with “CNG in a Box”, a proprietary technology by our partner GE, which produces a clean, economically viable fuel. The natural gas then moves to The Last Mile™ Fueling Solution, a supply chain that utilizes GE’s world-class proprietary technology and Ferus’ operational and logistical expertise to move the captured natural gas to fuel operations in remote locations.

Reduced water consumption during well fracturing

Ferus produces Nand CO2 for use in the well fracturing process, which reduces groundwater use. This results in higher production from wells, and greater protection of our most valuable resource, water.

Adoption of natural gas as a fuel source

We practice what we preach, and are converting our own heavy-duty tractor fleet to run on LNG to take advantage of its economic and environmental advantages.

Capturing waste CO2

Our CO2 processing facilities recover waste CO2 from natural gas processing plants that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. Ferus’ four CO2 facilities are capable of processing over 300,000 tonnes of liquid CO2 per year.

Benign N2 production

Our N2 is produced by a simple physical process where air is cooled to a point where it turns into a liquid. The by-products of the process, oxygen and water, are vented into the atmosphere with no residual toxic chemicals, pollutants or harmful emissions of any kind.

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