Ferus Advantage

Ferus is built on providing custom solutions and innovative logistics to ensure safe and reliable product supply. We are on the front line of meeting the energy needs of industries across North America and adapting with our customers to meet their well stimulation and fueling demands as technologies advance. From expert solutions and reliable supply, to built-for-purpose equipment and on-site services, we are committed to ensuring your work is completed on time and on budget.

We call it the Ferus Integrated Service Advantage.

It starts with planning

We customize our solutions. We know our customers have different product needs depending on the application, and deadlines to meet for their own customers. We start with a deep understanding of your needs through full-service demand planning and product utilization forecasting so your product requirements are met in a cost effective manner.

Delivering where you need it

Our transportation network delivers product direct to your location 24/7. We ensure safe, on-time delivery, even to challenging and remote locations. In areas where your demand for product is high, we can build dedicated supply points to ensure reliable supply for the next day, month or year.

24/7 cryogenics or natural gas supply

On-site storage of product ensures you have access to reliable supply to compressed natural gas and our other products at any time, any day of the week. Depending on your product needs, we offer on-location storage in high capacity and built-for-purpose vessels.

On-site logistical support

Our employees are recognized for their professionalism, industry expertise and commitment to safety.  We will work seamlessly with your crews on-site to provide real-time support to coordinate deliveries.

On-line account management

To help you remain compliant with financial and reporting obligations, we offer online account management, which means you can focus more of your time serving your customers.

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