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The Ferus Group of Companies, headquartered in Calgary, AB and Houston, TX, is privately held by The Energy & Minerals Group, and includes three innovative, pioneering and adaptive businesses focused on leadership and “finding better ways” in our respective industries and markets. Since 2001 we have built and operated a full-service cryogenics business supplying carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) to the oil and gas industry, and in 2011, expanded to include liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a cleaner and cheaper alternative to diesel and other fuels in high horsepower applications.


Ferus is the leader in energized completions solutions offering technical, operational and logistical expertise to the petroleum industry. Our product offering includes liquid CO2, liquid N2, sand, and chemicals, and our expertise in logistical and on-site services ensures these products are delivered where needed, when needed, and are used efficiently for the best possible outcome.

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels is a leader in small-scale domestic LNG infrastructure in Canada, facilitating adoption of the cleaner and more economical fuel alternative in oil and gas operations, power generation for remote mines, camps and communities, and on and off-road transportation. We own and operate the entire supply chain from liquefaction and transportation to on-site storage and specialized dispensing, ensuring safe and reliable delivery and fueling.

Eagle LNG is a leader in small and mid-scale domestic LNG infrastructure in the United States enabling adoption of LNG in the marine industry to deliver fuel cost savings and support compliance with new International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EPA standards, and delivering LNG solutions to markets in the Caribbean and Latin America to reduce fuel and electricity costs and deliver immediate environmental benefits.

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