Oil & Gas

We provide our customers in the oil and gas industry with energized fracturing fluids, such as CO2 and N2 for well stimulation, well completions and enhanced oil recovery applications. We also provide frac sand to deliver a complete offering of the fracturing process.

For our customers in high horsepower and clean power industries, who are faced with rising diesel and propane costs as well as more stringent regulations to reduce flaring, we offer secure, lower-cost LNG and CNG fueling solutions.

We work with you to develop custom solutions, and then provide a reliable and secure supply of CO2, N2, sand, CNG or LNG. We can manage your entire supply chain – production, transportation, on-site services, pressure reduction (CNG), or vaporization (LNG), and delivery to your site. We have the expertise, experience and the people.

Flare gas capture

  • The Last Mile™ Fueling Solution is a fully-integrated technology and logistics system for natural gas fueling for high horsepower operations.
  • This innovative system combines GE’s world-class products and technology with Ferus’ oilfield logistics expertise to create a fit-for-purpose natural gas fueling solution.
  • Learn more about the Last Mile™ Fueling Solution and the potential benefits to your operations.


We provide fit-for-purpose, on-site equipment to ensure you have a continuous natural gas fuel supply to power your drilling rigs.

Pressure pumping services

We work closely with you to meet your pressure pumping schedule. Ferus provides state-of-the-art, on-site equipment that minimizes your operational footprint, and a continuous fuel supply to power the equipment.

On-Site storage

We have portable on-site storage solutions (with Kings and Queens) that are able to fit the demands of virtually any project.

Fluid heating

Ferus specializes in custom solutions and we will help you develop a fluid heating solution that saves money and ensures on-time delivery of product.

Virtual pipeline

  • Our virtual pipeline is a mobile solution to bring either CNG or LNG into areas with no pipeline infrastructure.
  • With a secure fuel source, we bring wells on quickly and move production gas to market.
  • We provide state-of-the-art, on-site equipment and work to meet your virtual pipeline schedule.
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