Logistical services

The needs of today’s energy industry demand logistical services to ensure seamless operations in the field. Ferus offers a convenient and reliable way to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget through use of our suite of planning services, transportation and on-site equipment.

Product planning and forecasting

Our team of technical and planning specialists work to find a solution that seamlessly integrates our products and services into your business. We combine our expertise with a solution-based approach – from working with your field personnel to planning day-to-day product and delivery requirements, through to working with your corporate planning group on your long-range product, storage and equipment needs. We are more than just a liquid nitrogen supplier, we will ensure that you have the N2, CO2, LNG or CNG you need, where and when you need it.

Technical services

Our technical services team provides customized technical services to maximize Net Present Value (NPV) by optimizing fracturing and fluid designs. We combine technical expertise and a solution-based approach to perform predictive and comparative assessments to optimize the stimulation treatment design. We also assist companies with budgeting and costing of pilot projects and field development plans.

All services are based on unbiased technical advice and a comprehensive approach, along with specific services in the areas where your company operates. Our knowledgeable technical services team provides your company with a comprehensive approach from a true customized perspective, ensuring the most beneficial solution for your needs – from fracturing design to full-scale field development.

Our technical services team offers the following to our customers:

  • An experienced team in all aspects of the energy industry covering almost all basins in North America
  • Predictive assessment
    • Full fracturing design, modeling and NPV optimization
  • Comparative assessment
    • Rate Transient Analysis (RTA)
    • Decline Curve Analysis (DCA)
    • Production data analysis
  • Pilot projects technical support
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
    • Fracturing
    • Customized assessments
    • Cost estimates
  • Field development plans to maximize NPVs and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR)
    • Number of wells
    • Spacing
    • Budgetary costing
    • Customized analysis and planning
  • Assess and develop new applications and technologies


We have efficient transportation options in every area we operate in. Our fleet primarily consists of specially designed transport units, customized for each of our regions. This enables our team to haul more than traditional tanker units and work effectively on your job site.


Ferus provides portable and yard storage solutions on a rental or long-term lease basis. With over 18,000 tons of storage capacity and the ability to manage your storage levels remotely, our inventory management process ensures we meet your demanding schedule. For on-site work, our transportation division has the largest mobile storage capacity in the industry, designed to maximize storage capacity on location, while minimizing the equipment footprint on lease.

On-site service

Ferus field personnel work closely with you at the job site to ensure that product is delivered safely and cost-effectively. Throughout the course of a project, our supervisors work to ensure optimum site set up and seamless product delivery.

CO2 separation unit

Large multi-stage hydraulic fracturing treatments can require an extended flaring period in order to decrease CO2 concentrations to acceptable levels for downstream processing facilities.

The CO2 separation unit enhances well economics by allowing sales gas to flow on-line faster, decreasing the time to tie-in a well while reducing the amount of gas and liquids revenue being flared. From an environmental perspective, reduced flaring decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ferus CO2 separation unit consists of two 53-foot trailers connected inline between the wellhead and sales line. A mixed gas stream of high CO2 concentration enters the separation unit inlet and is processed through multiple banks of membranes. The resulting outlet stream is pipeline specification quality.

Find more information in our Fact Sheet.

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